2019 Tile Doctor of the Year Winner

Another massive thanks to my customers whose feedback pushed me up the Tile Doctor league table in 2019 to take the coveted title of “Tile Doctor of the Year 2019”.  This is the third year in a row that I have won the title and I’m pleased to say I managed to maintain a high-quality score of 4.8 stars out of 5.0.

The winner is announced at the annual Tile Doctor conference which was meant to take place in Leamington Spa this year however due to the COVID-19 pandemic this was cancelled and replaced with an on-line Zoom meeting instead.  That’s me in the bottom left of the screen in the screen shot below.

Tile Doctor 2020 Conference Zoom Screenshot
Tile Doctor 2020 Conference Zoom Screenshot

I was actually in the park when the meeting took place, fortuntately technology meant I could have been anywhere, although my battery was getting pretty low by the time we got to the award.  Accepting the award for the third year in a row I made the following comments:

“Thanks to everyone, I really enjoy my job and I get some great backup from Tile Doctor and from other Tile Doctors, I would especially like to thank Mick Conlon from East Surrey who helped me out with a couple of larger and difficult jobs recently.  Naturally I would also like to thank my customers who took the time to leave a review.”

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