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Drive Cleaning Surrey

Drive Cleaning in Banstead, Surrey

Let’s witness how the experts did the drive cleaning in Banstead Surrey. Having cleaned a customers Stone Kitchen floor, we were asked if we could also take a look at their block paved driveway; we don’t generally get a lot of requests of this nature however we have all the tools and products to clean most surfaces so cleaning patios and brick paved driveways isn’t a problem.

Drive cleaning image before the results Drive cleaning image before the results

Processing the drive cleaning

The process was quite straight forward and involved pre-soaking the driveway with Tile Doctor Pro-Clean, it’s a versatile cleaner that equally effective of Brick as well as Tile, Grout and Stone; being an alkaline cleaner it has the added advantage that it doesn’t cause damage to the surface that acid cleaners can.

The Pro-Clean was left to dwell on the brick pavers for a good two hours before following up with a high pressure professional jet washing machine which did a great job dislodging unwanted grass and soils that had built up on the surface over time, you can see from the photographs what a difference it made. Drive cleaning in Surrey has proved that there is not much problem when it comes to tile cleaning.

Success of a drive cleaning in Surrey by Tile Doctor Paul Scott

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